Many of us spend our whole lives running from feeling with the mistaken belief that we cannot bear the pain. But you have already borne the pain. What you have not done is feel all you are beyond the pain.
— K. Gibran

           HOW I WORK

I believe that we each have within ourselves the drive and capacity to move toward health and well-being. Perhaps you've felt this when you've been at your most calm, in the 'eye of the storm'. Despite the confusion, circumstances, and behaviors that can swirl around us and hamper our best efforts, the clear, tranquil place within reflects our healthiest intentions.

I approach therapy as a process that encourages insight into those patterns of beliefs and behaviors which undermine a person's happiness and well-being. It’s through this collaborative relationship, which is founded on safety and trust, that healing can take place. 

The most common expressions of turmoil can appear as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and addictions, among other symptoms. I work with these signs to gain an understanding of what's causing the difficulties and go to their source to alleviate the pain.


I work with teenagers and adults who might be experiencing several kinds of challenges, including:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Problems with relationships and intimacy
  • Low self-esteem
  • Career dissatisfaction
  • Substance abuse and addictions
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Loss of a loved one

My approach focuses on insight, which includes looking at conscious and unconscious reasons for why you do what you do. Without understanding what truly motivates us, we’re at risk for making choices that can undermine, rather than enhance, our well-being.

By identifying and understanding the nature of your challenges, you'll:

  • Replace unhealthy coping strategies with self-enhancing ones
  • Increase self-acceptance
  • Become more satisfied and have higher self-esteem
  • Feel a sense of well-being 


Groups can be very powerful in helping someone relate to others more effectively. In groups, members talk about what's troubling them as others give feedback by expressing their own feelings about what's said or done. This back-and-forth process gives each person an immediate opportunity to see how they deal with others, while letting them try out new, more constructive ways of behaving in a safe venue. 

Many people feel deficient and isolated because of their problems, and it’s encouraging to realize that other people have similar difficulties. In the climate of safety and trust provided by the group, members feel free to care about and help each other. The content of the group sessions is confidential; what members talk about or disclose is not discussed outside the group.  

Group therapy lets you:

  • observe and reflect on your own and others' patterns of relating.
  • give and get immediate feedback about concerns, issues and problems affecting your life. 
  • work through personal issues in a supportive, confidential atmosphere while helping others to do the same.   

Particular area of specialty includes.


Raised in a culture that devalues the inner emotional life in favor of a life of doing and accomplishment, many men find themselves isolated, alienated, and longing for more meaning and deeper connection. I work to help men reconnect with their inner life, allowing them to experience themselves and life in richer, more expansive ways.

Intercultural RelationshipsThe definition of family and community is quickly changing as people of different ethnic, religious, and racial groups continue to intermingle. The initial lure of the exotic can lead to fear of the other if differences aren't explored, acknowledged, and honored. 

Internet AddictionThe web has ushered in a revolution in the ways we think, communicate, and consider the world. But, as with any innovation, the web can be enticing to the point of compulsive overuse. The power of the web to offer so many things to a person can be so intoxicating that a person's personal and professional life is jeopardized. 


The ability to enter the experience of another by feeling and thinking their way into their perspective is a skill that can provide lasting rewards. Cultivating your empathy expands your sense of self and the world, opening up possibilities that might otherwise remain obscured.